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Nicholas House Mission

“Nicholas House is dedicated to helping homeless families achieve self-sufficiency. We do this by providing temporary housing while addressing the root causes of family homelessness so a family may never be homeless again. We provide supportive services through our shelter on Boulevard, our scattered-site apartment rapid re-housing program Homeless to Homes (H2H), and our newly launched New Horizons program for chronically homeless families. All families have up to two years follow-up after leaving direct services. Throughout our programs are three main goals and three unique factors make Nicholas House the only shelter in Atlanta that provides housing to homeless families regardless of family makeup.


3 Main Goals:

1. Earn a Living Wage.

2. Maintain the Physical, Mental and Social Health of Parents and Children. 

3. Maintain Safe and Stable Housing. Nicholas House understands that providing basic subsistence – food and shelter – is necessary but not sufficient to prevent most homeless families from becoming homeless again. 

3 Unique Elements:

1. Any family composition

2. Accountability based

3. Outcome oriented (70% of families maintain their own housing a year or more after exiting)

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Dream Builders 2014 Update

Attendance at Dream Builders 2014 was phenomenal! Our goal was to raise $75,000 for the 300+ homeless moms, dads and kids of Nicholas House. We happily raised nearly $70,000. So, if you missed the annual luncheon this year, you can still help us reach our goal which is only $5,000 away. Watch this video to learn more about the work we’ve done over the past 30 years to get hard-working families back on their feet and into homes. Listen to their stories of triumph and be inspired by how your support can aid families on their way toward their dreams and bright futures. Then, become a “Dream Builder” by donating now! Just click on the “DONATE” button to the right to make your contribution to this important cause today.


Take a Tour!


Sign up to take our next Open Door Tour held the third Saturday of each month from 10:30-11:30 a.m. We encourage you to bring your family, especially your children, your friends, your co-workers, your civic or church group, your neighborhood association and others you know are interested in seeing this powerful program in action. Learn how you can support our families by attending this one-hour tour next month. We welcome you!